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Seize the opportunity to purge!

Moving can be a great time to do some spring cleaning. Throw a garage sale, donate unwanted or unused things to charity, or simply throw out things that no longer work. Unless you’re a minimalist, we all tend to hold onto things we have no use for, just in case there comes a day we will want it. Be strong! Make piles, “Give away” “Throw away” and “Keep”. Why...

Be specific in labeling your boxes

“Files A-F” is better than “Files”, “Cups and Mugs” is better than “Misc Kitchen”. Write a list of everything that goes into each box and number the boxes in coordination with the lists. This will make unpacking and organizing in your new home or office much easier, and ensure you know where each box should go.

Get more boxes than you think you’ll need

This is an issue we have seen many people in the Bay Area come across. Even if you have leftovers, you can always bring them back for a refund or recycle them. Always keep at least 5 boxes aside for last minute items you may need to pack on moving day. This will guarantee you don’t have anything thrown into garbage bags and accidentally put out with the...